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Business Badassery Podcast

May 16, 2022

Kirsty shares a trend in the launch space, which she feels might be a bit of a mistake when it comes to pre-launch content and warming up a wider audience. And Amy shares some thoughts about the value of being competent in your offers and how the stance of not yet knowing everything, but being willing to find out can...

May 9, 2022

Is your to-do list weighing you down? Do you feel like hitting pause might cause your business to come to a screeching halt? We share a best practice for dealing with overwhelm and next steps in your business.

May 2, 2022

When your calendar is fully booked, you have decisions to make. How do you decide what’s next? How do you know what you need to do to grow and scale? Or know if you even want that. We share our thoughts including how to take stock of where you are in your business so you can set the course for what comes next.

Apr 25, 2022

Do you ever get in your own way, maybe actually slow down your business growth? It happens, as today's inquiry reveals.  Listen up.

Apr 18, 2022

It's a random thought of the month episode this week on Business Badassery. Amy shares some thoughts around how to work out when to hire new members for a team if your business is on a growth trajectory. And Kirsty gets a little more personal talking about how to juggle motherhood and owning a business, and some...