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Business Badassery Podcast

Nov 28, 2022

It's no secret that visibility is a big piece of growing a business, and this week's question is all about that. This listener wants to know more about how to land speaking gigs and be interviewed on podcasts. They have been looking for a podcast to pitch but most of the ones their audience listens to will...

Nov 21, 2022

Welcome to this week's short and pithy episode of Business Badassery! Today our listener wants to know 'How do you decide that raising your rates might NOT be the answer?' 

Nov 14, 2022

This week's questions in Business Badassery: 'Are there more creative ways to scale than just bringing someone on? I hate the idea of managing someone and feel like the amount I'd need to pay someone decent might put me out of business. But I would like to grow my business, earn more dollars and keep growing. How do...

Nov 7, 2022

Having a great mentor in the business world can sometimes make all the difference when it comes to resolving issues, developing strategies and streamlining the ol' learning curve. But if the role of mentor or mentee is new to you, how do you navigate creating a trusting relationship with appropriate...