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Business Badassery Podcast

Nov 29, 2021

Most copywriting projects need a designer to bring everything to life. And while a great collaboration can result in something truly glorious, the fact is that the copywriter and designer often work in isolation. Which can lead to awkward exchanges and poor project outcomes. Here's how we work our way around this problem.

Nov 22, 2021

This week, we have a question about a client who keeps putting off payment. We talk about how to get payment, what kind of language to use, and Amy shares a story that has Kirsty shaking her head in surprise.

Nov 15, 2021

If you've ever found yourself tongue tied when a client asks for one more little thing, today's episode will help. We talk boundaries, generous pricing, and re-positioning your assumptions.

Nov 8, 2021

We have decided to do something a little bit different this episode. And we'd love your feedback on whether this is something that you would like us to continue doing, or something you would like us to never do again.

We had this idea that we would have one episode a month where we share our random thought of the month....

Nov 1, 2021

You know that feeling of overwhelm when there's so much to do? Should I be over here speaking on podcasts? Should I be writing blogs? All the social channels? Some of the social channels? What about niching? Too narrow, too broad?

All of the questions that you ask either when you're starting out or when you're making a...