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Business Badassery Podcast

Sep 12, 2020

Today’s question is: "When you're first starting out, how much would you admit to clients about how new you are, what you don't know, and what you do know? 

And how do you charge prices that reflect this without paying yourself $5 an hour and knowing that charging the 15K price tags of the copywriting queens such as yourselves isn't yet fair?”

To answer her question, we get into what clients are really looking for beyond price and how to position yourself in the marketplace. We also talk about what it’s like in the early days when there’s so much to learn and know, and how you can get past the “there’s so damn much to know” overwhelm. 

Not every client wants the most seasoned copywriter. New writers tend to be open minded and full of great ideas. They tend to charge less and bring a lot of energy to projects. There’s an advantage to being new -- once you know how to position it. 

We touch on imposter syndrome and the value you can bring to the table by being willing to problem solve and dig deep by asking questions and becoming a partner in finding solutions. You’re about to find out that being a great (and well paid) contractor is about a whole mess of different things. 

We also tell you why it doesn’t matter what your competitors are chagrin and how to respond to that constant drumbeat of Raise Your Rates!